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COVID-19 Update: Installation service is still operating at Red. All our installers wear face mask.
COVID-19 Update: Installation service is still operating at Red. All our installers wear face mask.

The latest electronic lock in the Schlage product line, the S-6000 is packed full of features that give homeowners unparalleled control over access to their home. Easy to program, the S-6000 provides up to 8 different user PIN codes and temporary access codes can be created for contractors or guests that may need to enter your home on a short term basis. To operate the lock, you can also use a fob, stick-on patch or card, which are supplied and there is also a key for manual over-ride in case of an emergency.

The S-6000 also has additional security features such as a built-in alarm which can sense forced entry, and an auto re-locking feature if the door is left unlocked for a period of time. The door unlocks from the inside in an emergency such as a fire, by rotating the lever from the inside, at any time.

Features and benefits:

    Exceptional convenience

  • Access your home by user PIN, card or fob

  • Illuminated numeric touch pad

  • Never worry about losing keys

  • Easy to set up and operate

  • Volume and mute controls

  • No wiring needed

   Enhanced security

  • Random PIN number function protects your entry code

  • Built-in alarm senses potential door attacks

  • Door re-locks itself if left unlocked

   Peace of mind

  • Weather resistant (tested to IP54)

  • Two year guarantee 

  • Double locking

  • Door thickness: 40mm to 80mm

  • Backset: 70mm    

  • Minimum lock stile clearance: 115mm
  • Code capacity: up to 8 access codes

  • Credentials: PIN codes, tag, stick-on patch  

  • Battery: AA battery x 8


      2 Year Warranty from date of purchase, Provided by Schlage (Allegion NZ)


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